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KAREKLES .COM is a specialist business enterprise exclusively active in interior fittings, and specifically in the provision of furniture for catering establishments and recreational areas (HO.RE.CA - restaurants, cafes, hotels, tavernas, clubs).

Our goal is always threefold:

•Top quality materials   •Refined aesthetics   •Competitive prices for the customer.

Karekles.com has managed to establish itself as a driving force in the particularly demanding market for these highly specific products. Since the very first year of its operation, the company has created a long constantly growing list of satisfied customers.

Karekles.com, acknowledging the needs of professionals in the fields of restaurants and tourism, collects and presents to all its friends & customers various useful tips and advises about Restaurants, Cafeterias, Hotels, etc.
Chair Aegean
A unique aluminium chair that inspires safety and warmth embracing the user.
Many of our most popular products are available as 2D and 3D computer models. Designers and architects are welcome to download and use our models for convenient and realistic rendering of their projects. Download all models.
Chair Donna
A metal chair in various colors.
Kitchen Furniture
Kitchen furniture. English style.
Best seller chair
Our best seller "Art" and "Linea" collection.
Chair Oceanis
A metal chair - armchair for homes or restaurants, cafes and hotels. Also available in brass color!
Best Price
Fabulous dining chair for home or a restaurant, hotel etc.

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